DOB : October 8 , 2012
Residence : Dubai , U.A.E
Birthplace : Toronto Canada.
Height : 4.5
Weight : 17
Plays : Left with 2H backhand
Started Playing : Age 4
Coach: B.Joseph

Rhea Bhinge is one of the upcoming tennis star. She is going to be a player to watch out for.
Rhea was born on 8 Oct, 2012, in Mississiauga, Toronto and started playing at the tender age of 4. Her father, Amod Bhinge a former sports enthusiastic from India believed that she has it in her to make it to the top of tennis so enrolled her in several academies at Dubai under coaches of various nationalities at the age of 5. Her mother,Vinaya Bhinge a health consultant, is looking after Rhea’s diet so that she is propelled to make it big in her career. Their guidance combined with Rheas natural athletic ability, cheerful disposition and passion for the sport of tennis positioned her to embark on a prosperous career.

Rhea’s competitive spirit and never get tired is another trait inherited from her father. At the age of 6, Rhea has started beating kids of age older than her. With this mindset, RHEA does not plan on slowing down any time soon and is ready to tackle the next steps in her career